Invitation Tutorial

Building Omnichain Name Service for 1,000,000,000 Users.

The OpenName Invitation Cashback Program aims to reward loyal OpenName users and share platform growth dividends. All users who link their wallet to the OpenName DApp ( can generate an exclusive invitation link. New users who register(connect their wallet to OpenName DApp) for the first time through another’s invitation link will be bound by the invitation relationship and it will be permanently valid, which means lifelong referral! Inviters can receive invitation rewards and invitees can receive a discount on OpenName omnichain domain name registration fees.

Invitation Rules:

  1. Inviters can confirm the invitation relationship by inviting friends to register for OpenName (with their wallet logged in) through an exclusive link, and this invitation relationship will be permanently valid.

  2. Invited users can receive a 10% registration discount on all registered paid OpenName domains. Inviters can receive a minimum of 15% commission on all registration fees, which is permanently valid and has no limit on rewards.

  3. Different inviters will receive different referral commission ratios and need to apply for a role on the invitation page. The details are as follows:

Go to and connect your wallet. Click on "Invite" to access the Invite Friends page.

Individual User(Regular users) Commission rate: 15% Friend’s discount: 10%

KOL(social media KOL, an opinion leader in the crypto industry, etc.) Commission rate: 20% Friend’s discount: 10%

Distributor(individual/organization with traffic or the ability to acquire traffic) Commission rate: 25% Friend’s discount: 10%

Apply for higher rewards:

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