Q1 2024

  • OpenName Ambassadors Recruitment Launch

Launching a global OpenName ambassador program, joining hands with individuals and organizations passionate about decentralized domain names and the Web3 industry, together promoting the prosperous development of the OpenName ecosystem.

  • More Flexible Registration Fee Payment Methods

Adding more tokens as registration fee payment options, providing users with a more convenient and flexible payment experience.

Q2 2024

  • Promoting More Community Exclusive TLDs

Actively promoting communities to have their own exclusive TLDs, providing communities with personalized and customized domain name services, further enriching the OpenName domain name ecosystem.

  • OpenName Open Platform Goes Live

Setting up an open platform to attract and support developers to build domain name systems, innovative applications, and various tools based on OpenName, together cultivating a healthy and prosperous developer ecosystem.

Q3 2024

  • OpenName Marketplace

Launching the OpenName Marketplace, providing users with a one-stop OpenName domain name and TLDs trading platform, improving the liquidity of domain names and TLDs.

Q4 2024

  • TLDs Operator Management Tools

Providing TLDs operators with a series of management tools, including payment settings, voucher distribution, whitelist settings, verification bots, etc., to help operators manage and operate TLDs more efficiently and conveniently.

OpenName is passionately committed to achieving this roadmap, continuously improving and perfecting our services, and bringing more innovations and possibilities to users and communities.

Please note that the roadmap may be adjusted and optimized according to market demand and development, and we will keep in close contact with the community and timely update important information about future development.

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