Bridge Domain Names

As the first Omni-Chain domain service provider, you have the option to transfer your held domain names from one chain to another among those we support. We have simplified this process to the maximum extent, making it easy for you to transfer your domain names between chains.

From the App page,go to "My Names", and you'll see "Bridge" next to each domain name.

Click on "Bridge," and a cross-chain bridge page will appear. Choose the blockchain you want to transfer to (currently available blockchains are Ethereum, Arbitrum, Optimism, Polygon, BNB Chain, zkSync, and Base), and input your destination address on that chain.

Click "Start Bridge," and your wallet interface will appear. Please note that you need to pay some Gas Fee for the cross-chain action (this gas will be paid in the ETH of the chain you are currently on).

After a successful payment, just wait for a while. The contract will burn your domain name on the original blockchain and automatically generate the same domain name on your target blockchain after passing through LayerZero's review.


Once the cross-chain begins and the first step is completed, how can I cancel it?

Once the cross-chain begins and the first step of destruction is completed, you cannot cancel the cross-chain.

Under what circumstances might cross-chain failure occur? How is a failed cross-chain handled?

  • The probability of cross-chain failure is extremely low.

  • During the Layerzero cross-chain process, due to fluctuations in the blockchain network, it's possible that insufficient gas paid previously could lead to unsuccessful forging on the transferring chain. This may cause cross-chain failure.

  • If the cross-chain process takes too long, you can contact our official community and customer service team.

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