Set Primary Domain

After purchasing your desired domain name, there is one final step left to bind your purchased domain name to your address. This requires reverse resolution of your domain name, and the process will be straightforward.

Navigate to "My Names" and click on "Set Primary Name" next to the address.

Choose any domain name you want and click "Confirm Settings". At this point, your wallet will pop up, and this process requires interaction with the blockchain, so you will need to pay some gas fees.

With this, your reverse resolution is complete, and you can navigate the Web3 world using your preferred name instead of a lengthy wallet address.


Can one address set multiple primary names?

No,one address can only set one primary name.Setting multiple primary names would cause multiple primary names to appear in DAPPs,making it difficult for other users to distinguish.

Under what circumstances will my primary name become invalid?

  1. Domain expiration: If your domain name expires, we will reclaim your domain name and clear your resolution records. You need to renew or register the original domain name and set the primary name again for it to take effect.

  2. If you sell or transfer the domain name to someone else in the secondary market, your resolution records will be cleared, causing your primary name to be effective.

Can someone else use my address to set a primary name for their domain name?

If your address is the Manager for the corresponding domain name or your address is in the resolution record table for the corresponding domain name, then you can use your address to set the primary name.

Can multiple addresses set primary names for one domain name?

Yes,as long as any of the following conditions are met,it can take effect:

  • Your address is the Owner/Manager of the domain name.

  • Your address is stored in the data corresponding to the domain name.

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