Domain Status & Lifecycle

Not Available for Registration:

Usually blacklisted or reserved domain names.

Available for Registration:

Has not been registered yet; users can register it anytime.

Already Registered:

The current domain name has already been registered by a user.

In Cross-Chain Transfer:

The account has been registered and is currently undergoing cross-chain transfer.

Expiring Soon:

Within 30 days before the account expires, it will expire soon.

Grace Period:

Within 90 days after expiration, the account has not been reclaimed.

Premium Period:

The domain name has expired, been reclaimed by the system, and entered a 21-day auction period for a reduced price.

Actions for Each Status:


What happens after the domain name expires?

When a domain name exceeds the 90-day grace period without renewal, it will be reclaimed and enter the premium period.

If you renew the domain within the grace period, you will continue to own the domain.

If the domain is reclaimed by the system and enters the auction period, and no bids are placed, the domain can then be publicly registered.

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