OpenName Domains are Web3 domains, which you can register on blockchain and it is your identity for Web3.


A TLD(top-level domain) is the highest level of a domain name, which follows the final dot of a domain name. For example, in the domain name ‘thank.you’, ‘.you’ is the TLD.


The process of obtaining an OpenName account by paying a fee to the OpenName contract.

Registration fee

The fee is paid annually or in buyout for registering an OpenName account.


Any account can be an inviter. When registering a domain name, fill in a specific invitation code as the inviter can give you a certain discount. When others register a domain name and fill in your invitation code as the inviter, you can receive a certain registration fee reward.



Each domain name has an owner who has complete ownership of the domain name and can modify the owner and the administrator.


Each domain name has an administrator who has management rights for the domain name and can modify the account's resolution records.

Resolution Record

Each piece of data associated with the domain name, such as a wallet address or a social account, is called a resolution record.

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